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Mp3 Converter: Audio Converters from Format Factory

Love music? Try new Factory Audio Converter to convert almost any audio to MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC, OGG, AAC, MPC, or APE. Take your music to the car or portable player, make tracks from the web compatible with your iPod/iPhone, enjoy your music everywhere. Factory Audio Converter is the most powerful yet user-friendly audio converter solution today.

audio converter Factory Audio Converter
  • MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC, OGG, APE, MPC, and many other audio formats supported.
  • All-in-one solution, acts perfectly as:
    MP3 converter
    WMA to MP3 converter
    WAV to MP3 converter
  • CD ripper (CDA to MP3, WAV, APE, OGG, MPC, AAC, etc.)
  • VERY user-friendly - lots of hints for beginners
  • No adware, spyware, or viruses
  • Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
  CNET editors' review:

"With a helpful layout and fast results, Factory Audio Converter is a great option for frequent song downloaders. We've tested many audio file converters, and this is by far one of the simplest to operate."

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audio converter

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There is no more need to search for mp3 converters in the web

audio formatsAs we have developed probably the best mp3 converter that provides an opportunity to convert almost all possible formats like wav formatted files to mp3. The application we offer makes it easy to change wma to mp3. It was always a problem to fill mp3 players with the music of proper format. But now there will be no lack of the music of proper format at your mp3 player. You will be able to make the format you need from any other available format. Furthermore, you have a lot of music stored at your PC in wma format? Now you have the ability to make this music readable for your player with our program. Test our software and we are sure you will use it for over and over again. The matter is that our application is the most effective and fast wma to mp3 converter and wav to mp3 converter. Though it is in no way limited to these audio formats.

On top of that, our audio converter acts well as a professional CD ripper. Back up your CDs and store your music in WAV or MP3 format. You may later convert wma to mp3 if you like. With Factory Audio Converter you can get your music anywhere: your car player, iPod, iPhone, any cell phone or portable mp3 player. Due to a most powerful engine Factory Audio Converter converts audio files extremely fast. You wonít waste a minute. Imagine having music in the format you need in few moments! If you have a truly large audio collection that you want to convert to mp3 then set the program to work and go to bed. Factory Audio Converter will work hard while you are sleeping. Find the new mp3 collection ready in the morning. No matter how you use it as a wma converter or a CD ripper we guarantee that our application never corrupts or damages source files. Itís fast, reliable and error-free.

The effectiveness of our audio converter solution

The application we offer enables users to convert wma to mp3 as well as wav to mp3. Moreover it supports over 30 audio formats. So all audio converters you have been dreaming of now are combined in one application. Who knows what audio file will you have to convert tomorrow? wav converter, mp3 converter, wma converter as well as support of many other file formats now are in one program.With Factory Audio Converter you don't have to get several different programs to handle different file types. Our program will serve all your audio needs!

Being that poweful Factory Audio Converter is still very easy-to-use. Many users find the interface of Factory Audio Converter to be the best among mp3 converters. Itís clear and suitable even for beginners. A well-thought layout with a step-by-step wizard make our Converter the most user-friendly application in the market.

Do not waste your time by searching for and downloading many audio converters supporting only one or two formats. Check the audio converter we offer and enjoy the easy process of converting different audio file formats. We are quite sure once you have tried our solution you wonít use other similar programs anymore.

MP3 or AAC?

Which lossy format to choose?


Learn the advantages of both formats.

WAV to MP3

Large WAV files to small MP3 without loss of quality.

Where can I get wav to mp3 converter?

Tired of searching proper wav to mp3 converter? Then we can advise you to test our solution. This is quite useful application allowing users convert not only wav to mp3, but also all known audio formats to any required format as well. Therefore visit or website to get more information about our converter solution.

Check out our advanced wav to mp3 converter.

MP3 converter makes music an available thing

We are glad to offer you our new solution that will surely make your life easier and your favorite music more accessible. Use it to make all the songs you like readable for your mp3 player. Convert the music from any format to the one you need.

New mp3 converter is the best solution for music fans.

Are the mp3 converters really necessary?

Surely yes, developers have designed a great number of the audio files format since the PC was invented. But not all the players support all of those file formats. Thus the mp3 converters were designed to eliminate this problem and facilitate both the work and the rest at the PC.

MP3 converters will give you what you want in music.

Have you ever tried to convert wma to mp3?

And the result you have got was quite different from the one you'd expected? Then the best way out will be to use software developed by our team to convert wma to mp3 files. It will provide you wit high quality of the resulting file and will not take too much time for changing the format.

Convert wma to mp3 with us!

Where is the best wma to mp3 converting software?

We are glad to answer this question. It is on our website. Take a look at our portal and find out the details of the application we offer. Look through the list of supported file formats and other benefits of the system. Finally read the information about the way of purchasing the application and start using it with pleasure. We are confident you won't be disappointed.

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