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What is 3G2?

Multimedia Format Description

3G2 is a multimedia format developed and designed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project 2 for transmission of multimedia files over the internet, and for use by mobile phone systems.

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project 2, or 3GPP2, is a cooperation between various telecommunications associations to make globally applicable third generation (3G) mobile phone system specifications. The member associations are Association of Radio Industries and Businesses/Telecommunication Technology Committee (Japan), China Communications Standards Associations, Telecommunications Industry Association (North America), and Telecommunications Technology Association (South Korea).

3G2 format should not be mixed up with 3GP, although they are both applicable to third generation mobile phone systems. The main difference between the two is that whereas 3GP specifications are based on GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), 3G2 specifications are based on CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access). 3G2 is often called an updated version of 3GP as it was developed when the need was felt to increase the speed and ease of wireless communications. Since the initiative for its development came from ITUís (International Telecommunication Union) IMT-2000 (International Mobile Telecommunications), 3G2ís specifications fall within the scope of IMT-2000.

The 3G2 file, with the file extension Ď.3g2í, is a multimedia file format, which means it stores both audio and video files. It is based on MP4 as used in MPEG-4 Part 14, but with the difference that it has been modified to add less muxing overhead. This gives the 3G2 file a much smaller size. Other than MPEG-4, 3G2 can also store video streams in AVC/H.264 formats. Audio files are stored in AAC and MP3 formats.

3G2 covers IP (Internet Protocol)-based mobile systems featuring network-to-network interconnection, high speed, broadband, and global roaming, independent of location.