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amr converter AMR audio format is widely used for recording and compressing speech tracks, such as audio books, dictaphone records, etc. It provides excellent file size compression and widely supported by portable players. If you prefer storing records in another format, you can always convert AMR to it with the help of audio converter utility. If you look for an easy to use and efficient solution, try Factory Audio Converter.

This program is able to export AMR files to one of 8 other formats, including MP3, OGG, MPC, WAV, etc. You can process files one by one or convert AMR in batch – all files in one conversion. The second variant is better when you need to convert all files with the same settings and need to save time. The procedure of conversion lasts only a few seconds. You don’t need any special skills for converting your AMR sources, as it is very simple process. You just need to:

  1. Open Factory Audio Converter.
  2. Check AMR sources off in the navigation pad.
  3. Choose the format for conversion.
  4. Press ‘Start!’ in the popped up window.

An additional step may be parameter settings. If you need to get converted files with specific audio parameters, you can set them in the settings menu. If not, AMR converter will perform conversion with default settings.

You may use the inbuilt audio player for listening to the source tracks. When they are stored with codenames, sometimes it is difficult to choose the proper source file. The navigation menu has handy features for selecting all files from the list within one click and selecting files sorted by specific mask. This also simplifies the process of forming the list of sources.

Factory Audio Converter is a program that can make your AMR files suitable for any software and hardware player. Use it every time when it is needed to extend the compatibility of audio tracks!

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