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AMR files - What To Do With Them?

You bought a cell phone with an integrated voice recorder (congratulations!). But when you copy the recording from the phone to your computer you see .amr files. And your standard Windows Media Player can not play them. How come?

AMR is a common extension of files in adaptive multi-rate format. AMR is a speech encoding format used in GSM telephony. Every GSM and WCDMA phone has built-in AMR operating. It means that amr recordings can be played by any wireless phone in the world. See the list of phones that support AMR below.

AMR has great compression scheme which allows us to fit more recordings into less file size. But AMR format is not supported by many gadgets and programs. To make your AMR file compatible with your mp3 player you should convert AMR to MP3. So you need a good MP3 AMR converter.


User-friendly AMR Converter

Factory Audio Converter is the most user-friendly tool to convert amr to mp3 or amr to wav or to any other popular audio format. You select the amr files and press Convert to MP3 (WAV). The wizard of the program will guide you through the settings. When you are at a loss it will give you a tip. The conversion process is very fast and accurate. In few minutes you can enjoy your newly created mp3 files on any mp3 player including Windows Media Player. Besides, Factory Audio Converter has built-in audio player that supports AMR files. This helps you to listen to your AMR recordings before you convert them to MP3 or other formats.

  • AMR to WAV
  • AMR to WMA
  • AMR to MP3
  • AMR to AAC
  • AMR to MP4
  • AMR to MPC
  • AMR to FLAC
  • AMR to OGG
  • AMR to APE

Amr files playing very quietly on Nokia phone but mp3 playing perfect, so needed a converter. I downloaded the trial version first to make sure the program did what I wanted it to do. Easy to download, Very easy to use. Decided to pay for product as ? was reasonable. Easy to register product from trial version. Now converting at full capacity. Service and aftersales have been top class.

The list of cell phones supporting AMR:

Alcatel 735i / One Touch 556+
Alpha P8+
Audiovox SMT5600+
I-mate Smartphone 2002+
Lexus 808B+
LG VX7000 / 8120+
NEC e616v / e228 / c401i / N840 / 535m +
Nokia 6610/3510i/7210/6100-
Nokia N70+
Nokia 3100/3200/3220/6260/6102/3650/7650/6600/7610+
Nokia 6820/3120/7600/7200/3200/6220/6230/5140 +
Nokia N-Gage / 3230 / 6020 / 6670+
Mitsubishi 620i+
Motorola V525/E398/C550/V330/V360/V600/V980/V547/C650+
PalmOne Treo 650+
Panasonic X100 / X70+
Sagem MyX-3/MyX-5/MyX-6/MyX-7/MyX-8/MyX-3.2+
Sagem MyV-55 / My-V65 / MyX-5.2+
Sendo X+
Sharp GX20 / GX15 / GX25+
Sharp GX10 / GX1-
Siemens SX1/CX65/S65/C62/CX70/M55/M65/S55/SL55/C60+
SAMSUNG SGH E300/X600/D500/E600/E105/X100/D600E+
Sony Ericsson T300/T310/T226/K750i/P900(i)/P800/Z1010/K500i/K700/S700i+
Sony Ericsson T630/T628/K300i/S710a/T637/T290i/J300a+
Sony Ericsson T68i/T610/Z600/W550i/Z500a/V800/K750i+
T-Mobile Sidekick 2 (PV-100)+
Vitelcom TSM30 / TSM100+
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