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Choose The Best MP3 Converter

Many users face with a necessity of transforming audio tracks to various formats to make them compatible with their players or professional audio applications. What MP3 converter is ideal for such purposes? MyFormatFactory offers functional audio converter developed in full accordance with your needs. Factory Audio Converter is a result of joint work of both developers and users. An ideal solution has to be functional but simple in use. Most of us do not want to spend hours for learning how it actually works. That is why Factory Audio Converter has clear and easy-to-use interface that displays the features in laconic and logically correct manner. The program window includes:
  • navigation section, where you can surf through your memory folders and files and select the required source audio file;
  • format bar with all formats supported by a program (located below navigation section);
  • virtual player, where you can listen to the selected file to get sure that it’s exactly the file you need.
The appropriate audio converter must have a wide choice of audio options, so that user could select audio parameters he needs. The specific bitrate, samplerate, channels settings must be adjustable, as these parameters define the quality of audio files. Factory Audio Converter includes all these options and even more – it allows converting the specific fragments of an audio track – you can cut some fragment and convert it to a separate file of required format. For those who don’t care about specific bitrate and other features, the program offers conversion with default settings – the standard set of options that provides average quality. It is very useful feature for people who are not aware of all these audio gismos.

In contrast to freeware solutions Factory Audio Converter guarantees high-quality conversion to any audio format without restrictions in time or number of available conversions. One time paid for a full license you’ll get the full program version with all its features. Buy it now or test before paying for a license – Factory Audio Converter is available in trial version too.