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"Thanks for your excellent service! My feedback can be quite easily summarized in one word: GREAT! Everything has worked just the way I hoped it would: the download was quick and w/o trouble, the payment process was clear and smooth, the installation was easy, and the registration went through in a second. Last but not least, the program runs perfectly and I was able to convert my files w/o any trouble what so ever. Thanks for everything!"
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Step-by-step tutorial with screenshots describing how to rip CDs to WAV

CDA is a proprietary format of commercial CDs. But once you need to create a digital copy of your CD you have to convert CDA to WAV. One can't just copy CDA files to the computer and later convert them, the right way is to rip CD to WAV. Factory Audio Converter will do the task most accurately.

1. First, insert your CD and launch Factory Audio Converter. Select the option Rip CD in the formats panel:

2. Then set the destination folder (the folder where you place the output WAV files). You can either select from the existing folders or type in the name of the new one. The new folder will be automatically created.


3. Go to Track List. Originally you will see a list of Track01, Track02, etc. files.

CDA-WAV TrackList1

But if you press Find Track Names button Factory Audio Converter will find the track names in internet music database and use them instead of dull Track01 file names (internet connection is required).

CDA to WAV tracklist

4. Jump to Convert step. Select WAV as the output format. As you can see Factory Audio Converter can as well convert CDA to MP3, OGG, FLAC, APE, AAC.

CDA-WAV convert

5. Factory Audio Converter can combine the whole album into one WAV file. By default this option is unchecked.

CDA-WAV combine

6. Here is the last step. You can view your settings and step back to change them. If everything seems ok to you, press Start button.

CDA-WAV start

The progress bar will show you when the job is done. Factory Audio Converter will open destination folder after conversion by default for you. Find your nice WAV files there:)


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