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What is CUT?

Image Format Description

CUT is a Dr. Halo bitmap image file. Associated with the Halo Image File Format Library written and marketed by Media Cybernetics, it is a device independent interchange format used for transporting image data from one operating system or hardware environment to another.

Being a clearly written format, CUT is quick and easy to read. It is also easily de-compressible, but not as easy to compress. This is because its compression scheme is not very superior. Another unique feature of CUT is that it requires another file, called PAL, to define colors. In other words, it is divided into two separate files – the first (with file extension ‘.cut’) contains the image data in successive scan lines, and the second (with file extension ‘.pal’) contains information defining the colors of the image.

This is how the two files function: The operating system or the application running the CUT file searches for the PAL file to determine how many bits of colors CUT has. Both the PAL and CUT should have the same name in order for the application to find it. In case the file cannot be found, the CUT file is treated as having just two colors (1 bit per pixel). This is called a grayscale image. If the PAL file is found, then up to 256 colors can be read (up to 8 bits per pixel). A Dr. Halo file can contain only one image with a maximum size of 64K x 64K pixels.

The programs that open or convert CUT files are Dr. Halo III, Equilibrium DeBabelizer, Factory Image Converter on Microsoft Windows; and Lemkesoft Graphic Converter, and Equilibrium DeBabelizer on Mac OS.

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