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How To Change Bit Rate

To reduce size of MP3 files we often change bitrate. The highest bit rate is 320 kbps. That means that one second of music takes 320 kilobits. In fact it may take up to 320 kilobits as if the signal is very simple and does not require that much kilobits it will be given less kilobits.

To change bitrate launch Factory Audio Converter. Select the folder with your mp3 files and tick the certain tracks. If you want to change bit rate of all tracks in that folder press Select All button. Then press MP3 button in the middle panel.


The wizard of the program will ask you to set the Destination path. By default it will be the same with (converted) added to the file name. So if you selected ForestSounds.mp3 at your Music folder the output will appear as ForestSouns(converted).mp3 in the same folder.

Then jump to the Bitrate step. Here you select the bitrate that you find most appropriate. We do not advise go lower than 128 kbps, though it all depends:) You may also select Variable Bit Rate (VBR). VBR will distribute different bitrates among complex and simple parts of the song. That is another good way to get higher quality for smaller size. The advantage of VBR is that Factory Audio Converter automatically sets the best bitrate for all parts of the track. You only set the highest bitrate and get the result. But in this case the size of the track is unpredictable; probably it will become even larger.


The press Start! button and find the resulting track in the destination folder that you set before. Factory Audio Converter shows the size of each track. So you can see if there was any change in the file size after you changed bit rate.


Note that professional Factory Audio Converter that will help you to change bitrate is available for quite a humble price only! Note that you buy all-in-one solution that will not only change bitrate but also convert MP3, APE, WAV, WMA, OGG, FLAC, AAC and many other audio formats.

With Factory Audio Converter you will be able

  • to fit more music into your audio player.
  • to back up your CD collection creating its digital copy
  • to be able to listen to music in all even rare formats

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