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Convert GIF To JPEG

Convert GIF to JPEG GIF images are currently used less and less often due to the inefficiency of this format. Currently one of the most popular formats for representing web graphics is JPEG. This format allows efficient compressing yet saving good image quality. If you need to convert GIF images to JPEG quickly and correctly, use Factory Image Converter.

It is one of the speediest converting tools for images due to batch conversion support. With its help converting many GIF files become as easy and fast, as converting only one. If you are a beginner in conversions, Factory Image Converter will be the best solution, as it offers unique graphic interface, with all features conveniently visualized. The process of conversion takes three steps:

  1. Choosing sources
  2. Choosing format for conversion
  3. Making settings.

The program window is divided into zones, each zone corresponds to specific conversion step. That is why it is easy to follow the whole process even for a novice. If you convert GIF to JPEG in batch, mention that you need to checkbox all sources you want to convert. Click on the folder with sources (at the left side panel) and see its file list in the middle of the program window. In thumbnail view mode you need to put a tick at the top left corner of a thumbnail. You will see it become white-green. This means that the image is included to conversion batch. You can use this image converter for processing only one file too.

In ‘Convert to’ bar you will need to select format into which the chosen sources will be converted. If you want to use GIF converter for exporting sources to JPEG, you need to press JPEG button in this bar. Then you will be able to set conversion parameters.

You will appraise comfort of using Factory Image Converter for converting your GIF images to JPEG. Try it for free and then be free to upgrade to licensed version.

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