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Convert NEF to JPEG In Batch

nef converter Factory Image Converter is an all-in-one tool, which turns NEF into JPEG and supports a variety of image formats. The program has a few advanced features, such as command line support, batch option, built-in viewer, and wizard. Also, Factory Image Converter has a robust interface, which is very easy to navigate as it shows all options and elements directly.

Using this NEF converter, you can edit your images in your individual way. You can add logos, dates and comments to your pictures, as well as crop, rotate and resize them.

What makes image converter particularly user friendly is an opportunity to choose between 2 modes: file list and thumbnails. You can use the latter in a case whereby you do not remember file names, so you can distinguish between your images by what you see in them.

How to Convert NEF to JPEG in Batch

Converting is extremely easy. Just launch the interface and locate the folder with NEF files using the file tree. Click on the folder to see NEF images listed on the right.

In the list, each NEF file (thumbnail) is supplied with a checkbox. Check the files, which you would like to convert to JPEG. Batch-converting raw NEF to JPEG is just as easy. Click Check all button and have all the images checked. Thus you can convert up to five hundred images. When you have checked the required number of images, select JPEG in the toolbar or navigate Convert menu. Follow the wizard and choose destination folder and image settings. If you are not sure, use default settings. Then press Start button to launch conversion.

Another good thing is that you do not need to risk your cash. Download the 30-day demo version and try to convert raw NEF to JPEG. If you buy the license version of this raw converter, you can enjoy free technical help and receive upgrades automatically.

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