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Factory Audio Converter is a powerfulwav wav wma converter.

How To Convert WAV to WMA

WAV to WMABoth WAV and WMA audio formats were developed by Microsoft and are fully compatible with Windows applications and many portable players. However many users find it reasonable to convert WAV to WMA, as WMA allows to compress music tracks in size while saving decent quality. Most users have problems with using converters as they are too limited in functional sense or have a complicated interface difficult for understanding. Factory Audio Converter developers took into account all the shortcoming of existing converters and created WAV WMA converter that is efficient, handy and fast-operating.

Audio converter works simply as a step-by-step wizard consisting of three main stages. First is the selection of source files. If you need to convert WAV into WMA, you may select WAV sources simply from the file list displayed in the program window. You can navigate through your memory folders using the left navigation bar. It is very convenient as the whole your content is displayed directly in the program and you dont need to search for required files.

The second step is the conversion settings adjustment. When the source files are selected and WMA button is clicked on, a pop-up wizard appears and offers to set several audio options like samplerate, bitrate and channels. Also you can select a specific track fragment for conversion. In case of several sources you can combine all them into one WMA track. The last step is revising chosen settings and starting the conversion.

Besides the aforementioned options you can also set the destination for the future WMA files and delete originals after conversion if you dont need them to be stored in your memory. When working with options wizard you can also use the default settings offered by the program. Use manual adjustments only when you need to gain specific quality level or a certain file size.

Buying Factory Audio Converter you will download WAV converter with unlimited time in use and full set of functions for fast and reliable audio conversion.

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