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Convert WMA to MP3

wma to MP3Factory Audio Converter has proven to be one of the greatest saviors to have descended upon the land of Internet. It saves a great deal of time and hard work. It saves you the necessity of searching for audio converters to manage a rare type of format. Finally, it saves a lot of money. Buying Factory Audio Converter, you are actually buying a dozen of those you must have used thus far at the price of just one converter!

This WMA converter boasts tremendous versatility and ease of use. It supports about 30 formats, and does not take great effort on the user's side to handle it. Its intuitive interface simply guides you through the whole process. The automatic wizard helps you adjust your settings. By aid of the built-in audio player, you can listen to your tracks prior to conversion and thus estimate sound quality. With the help of batch function, you can convert as many WMA files to MP3 as you wish in just a few clicks.


Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

Using The Best WMA Converter Ever

Using this WMA MP3 Converter is no great pain. I'd rather say - it's a piece of cake! Indeed, it does the whole job in for you. You are only required to make your selections.

In order to convert WMA to MP3, launch the utility and select a folder containing WMA files. A list of files will appear on the screen. Specify the files you need to convert by checking them. If you would like to render your entire collection in MP3 right now, click Check all. Then click MP3.

The wizard will help you make your settings. If you are not sure how bit rates, sample rates and channels affect sound quality, please, don't change anything. Use the default settings. Adjusting parameters requires experience. If you have done all your selections, click Start. If you have selected one or a few files, the program will do the job instantly. If you are batch-converting a hundred of files, it will take a little bit of time.

This audio converter can be launched from within any other utility via command line. It integrates into Windows, so you can right-click on a WMA file and launch it via right-button popup menu.

If you have purchased the registered version, you will receive all necessary tech support and upgrades for free. If you are having doubts, please, download the free 30-day demo version. It is not unlikely that you will want to buy it after a few minutes!