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Convert WMA to MPC With Factory Audio Converter

wma to MPCHave you ever tried converting WMA to MPC? Yes, you have! How did you like it? Not good enough, right? Pretty time-taking, little output... Please, get these grave thoughts out of your mind ASAP! There is a great solution out there, called Factory Audio Converter. This audio converter converts from more than 30 different audio formats to MPC, MP3, MP4, AAC, FLAC, and so forth.

More to the point, this is the user-friendliest file conversion utility you must have ever seen. The program's intuitive interface will not let you get off the right track. All buttons and functions are readily seen on the screen, so that you can foresee your every following step. In other words, it takes just a brief glance at the screen to understand how to handle it!


Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

How to Use the WMA Converter

No great strain, except a few simplest acts! In fact, it is not you converting audio files, but the program. You are only to guide it your way. Still wondering how to convert WMA files to MPC? Launch the interface and select the folder with WMA files contained in it. A list of files will appear on the screen. Check-mark one or more tracks, which you would like to convert to MPC.

You can use batch function and convert your entire collection in but a few clicks. Press Select all. All the files stored in the folder will be checked automatically. When you have specified your files to be converted, click MPC from the toolbar or Convert to menu.

The wizard will help you specify conversion parameters, which influence sound quality. It takes a little bit of experience, but you can experiment and define your preferred quality level. If you are satisfied with default settings, skip it. Select the destination folder and click start. The settings you have just specified will be the same next time you convert.

This WMA converter features command line support, built-in audio player and CD ripper; therefore, this is the handiest audio file conversion tool imaginable. It integrates into Windows and therefore permits you to convert WMA to MPC from the desktop via right-button menu. The program is worth a dozen of those you must have tried by now in terms of effectiveness; however, the price is comparable. Our pricing is clear and concise: no hidden costs! Buy it right now or try the 30-day demo version and see how easy your life will be!