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wma to wavOne reason why most users prefer not to save audio files in WMA is the DRM factor, since ASF-encapsulated WMA files have DRM protection. Although WAV files are large in size and therefore not easy to transmit, many users appreciate WMA format for good sound quality.

Factory Audio Converter supports a variety of audio formats. With the help of this WMA converter, you can save your WMA collection in WAV and other formats. The program features an intuitive user interface. Usually, it takes one or two sessions for a newbie to learn to handle Factory Audio Converter.

There is hardly a tool in the whole world to beat Factory Audio Converter in versatility. This audio converter features batch mode, command line support, built-in CD ripper, audio player and many other advanced characteristics.


Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

Converting WMA to WAV

If you appreciate distinctive and powerful sound, you'd better save your audio collection in WAV. With Factory Audio Converter, this is hardly a problem. It takes but a few simple actions to do the job.

First, you should run Factory Audio Converter and select the folder with WMA files contained in it. Second, check-mark the files you need to convert to WAV. Third, click WAV button in the format toolbar or Convert menu. Nothing easier than this!

As you select the target format, the wizard will guide you through conversion process. Here you can specify bit rates, channels and sample rates and select your favorite destination folder, so that you can find your audio tracks any time. Please, do not forget to use the built-in audio player to check sound quality!

By aid of batch function, you can convert WMA to WAV in batch. In other words, you can save your files in WAV with just one click of the button. When checking WMA files, click Check All button. All the files contained in your selected folder will be checked automatically. Click WAV. When you have specified your settings, click Start.

This WAV converter integrates into Windows. You can right-click on a WMA file found on the desktop and select Convert to. Then follow the procedure described above. Command line support permits you to launch conversion from within any other application.

Our pricing is clear. Indeed, this tool runs circles around many other converters combined. Try the 30-day demo version and see how easy it is! If you register, you will receive free tech support and upgrades on a regular basis.

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