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Factory Audio Converter is a powerful wav to mp3 converter.

How To Convert WAV To MP3

Converting WAV to MP3 is very often used when user wants to get compact copy of his favorite WAV tracks with minimum loss of quality. WAV format provides high-quality tracks, compatible with most of players and all Windows apps, but the file size can be ten times bigger than the same MP3 version. WMA format is almost as compact as MP3, but not so efficient in terms of quality and compatibility. That is why users want to transform WMA to MP3 and need the appropriate converter to do this.

WMA to MP3 provides with easy and fast way to convert WAV files to any other format. With this ultimately functional converter you can transform the whole folders of audio files in a few seconds. Here is a short “How To” guide for MP3 conversion.

When Factory Audio Converter is enabled, you will see navigation window, format toolbar and virtual player. In the navigation section you should select source file that you would like to convert. To get sure that this is exactly the file you need, you may use a player. If you want to convert WAV to MP3, you may press on “MP3” button in the format toolbar after source file is selected. You will see the wizard dialog opened. In its “Select destination” inlay you can specify the location of future MP3 file version or use the destination by default. “Part” inlay allows selecting some fragment of source file that will be converted into separate MP3 file. “Samplerate”, “Channels” and “Bitrate” inlays are provided with several parameter choices, so you can select ones you need. If you don’t know exactly what you need, you can try settings by default. Revise all settings you’ve made in “Start conversion” sections. If everything is correct, click on “Start!” button and you will get a converted MP3 copy of selected source file.

The same order is for converting WMA to MP3. As you see, it is very easy to perform audio conversion if to have Factory Audio Converter. Buy it online now or try the trial version with full functionality pack.