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What Do Sellers Call Us - Their Clients

Today we do not buy what we need, we buy what is sold to us. The offer is too wide and we often are led by advertising. Ads chase us everywhere - at home, in the office, in the restaurants in the buses and taxis. When we stop paying attention to them they become more subtle and more effective. Marketing gurus like Matt Bacak create new and new "sneaky little tricks" (his own words) to make us spend our hard-earned money on smth we do not need. As what we do need we buy without any ads.

So who are we - the buyers - to the sellers? They state to care about us but evidently they care about profits and nothing else. Here is a short analysis of several marketing gurusí sayings to reveal their attitude to us:

Mark Joyner calls us "a herd of uneducated rubes".

Ford Harding, the president of Harding & Company states that "When beginning a relationship, you must spend time learning about the new contact as a business person and as a human being." Hey, we are human beings after all!

Motivational guru Dale Carnegie advises "Call them by name as it make them feel important."

To influence our buying behavior marketers use a number of tricks. They choose mainly nouns and verbs and vigorous, active-voice words to make the ads even more pushy. These intrusive call-to-actions are found in almost every ad.

We buy books not because they are good and interesting to read. One marketing company promises that their campaign "will literally drive the customers straight to you to buy your book. Why? Because people trust the media, and an endorsement from the media will mean success for you." The endorsement from the media - not the actual contents of the book!

Bob Leduc at his Small Business Marketing Tips tells "You can boost your average size sale and your total revenue by offering a more comprehensive product or service ...or by combining several products or services in a special premium package offer for a higher price." That's how we are offered different bundles and packages that we hardly ever use at full extent.

And how do you like titles like Take Advantage of Your Customers! or Encourage Customers To Spend More On Each Visit!

We, buyers, should beware of blue color. "Studies have shown the color blue is powerful for subconsciously encouraging the mind to engage and buy whatever is being sold."

Animation is another trick to get more money from us. Harry Maugans writes "If they see motion, theyíll less often dismiss the window as an advertisement and close or minimize it. Itíll grab their vision and actually force their mind to process what itís seeing, before making a decision to dismiss or continue."

If you think that you are smart enough not to buy smth just because the page is blue and animated you are wrong. Kelley Robertson divided all of us - potential customers - into several groups and developed a special method of persuading each group to buy. Her article How to Sell to Anyone is all about that.

Hey, they are in our brains already! "Top 7 Insights to Unlocking Your Customer's Brain by Denise Corcoran" - sounds offensive, doesn't it? They trigger our senses to influence our buying behavior.

Marketing Consultant Mihkel Raud offers such a service: "I will show you how to become a shrink in 10 minutes and get inside your customer's head (and then make "use" of her state of mind)." $19.95 and they are in our heads!

To sell to us they go further - and reach our hearts. Anne M. Obarski teaches How to Steal Your Customer's Heart Away.

Who are we customers to sellers? It seems we are just rabbits in the lab ready for a preparation. Or already prepared?

Keeping that in mind we developed new Fair Pricing model. Learn more about Fair Pricing.

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