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Digital Cameras Guide For Beginners

DigitalCameraWhy are digital cameras so popular today? Digital cameras are easy-to-use even for beginners. Almost all digital cameras have a display which allows easy composition and any user can see the shots immediately and delete bad ones. Digital cameras are free from film and therefore are small in size. Besides, digital cameras produce digital images that are easily uploaded to the computers and edited there using different photo software.

The main advantage of the film camera is the resolution. Only very expensive professional digital cameras have comparatively high resolution.

All digital cameras fall into three main groups: consumer, prosumer, and professional cameras.

Consumer digital camera are ususally very compact and rather cheap. You can not change lens in consumer cameras. Sighting is done via view finder or the liquid crystal display.

Prosumer (professional+consumer) cameras are for photographers with some skills and knowledge in photography. Prosumer cameras are close to professional cameras. Unlike professional cameras prosumer ones can not change the lens. But the lens in prosumer cameras are usually of far higher quality than those in consumer cameras.

Professional cameras are always reflex. Thus D-SLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex. You can change the lens in such cameras. Professional cameras cost a lot. But even more money you have to spend on additional lens, flashes, tripods, color filters, etc.

There is a well-known myth that buying a digital camera you avoid future waste of money. You do not need to buy film or develop it. Unfortunately, it's false. Very often you have to purchase a flash card as many cameras do not have it or it's size is ridiculous (Canon used to sell 16 Mb flash cards with digital cameras). So if you want additional memory you have to buy additional flash cards. Then remember to get a card reader. Then goes a bag for your camera. On top of that you should have a cleaning set for your camera. And all that applies to consumer digital cameras. If you want to buy a prosumer or a professional camera be ready to spend much more money on accessories.

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