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DivX, with file extension ‘.divx’, is a digital media format developed by DivX, Inc. The DivX is a popular format due to its ability to compress lengthy video segments to a fraction of their original size while still retaining the original image quality. It is often referred to as the “MP3 of video”.

Based on MPEG-4, DivX uses a lossy compression scheme. Its ability to offer the same image quality at nearly one tenth the size has made DivX the ideal format to download movies where bandwidth is limited. For example, broadband users can download or distribute a DivX video file at 500-700 Kbps. DivX is also one of the most common codec used in compressing movies today. This is because a movie on a DVD of 4.7 gigabytes of storage can easily be converted to DivX format of less than 700 megabytes of storage on a CD. AC3 or MP3 are usually used with the DivX format, thus giving high quality audio along with high quality video.

DivX can support video resolutions of up to 1080 HD, the most common being 640x480. Bitrate usually depends on the resolution and the audio bitrate. At 640x480 resolution, 650 MB is generally stores 80-90 minutes. The speed of DivX is also fast with an encoding time of 18-20 frames per second on a P3-1GHz. Other features of this media format include interactive video menus; multiple subtitles, video streams, and audio tracks; chapter point and other metadata; and partial backwards compatibility with AVI.

DivX encoded movies can be played back using DivX Web Player for Windows, Apple QuickTime Player with DivX codec, Code Media Player, VideoLAN VLC Media Player, and Slow Video on Windows; DivX Web Player for Mac, Apple QuickTime Player with DivX codec, and VideoLAN VLC Media Player on Mac OS; and VideoLAN VLC Media Player on Linux. DivX encoded DVD’s can be played back on any DVD player that support DivX.

DivX should not be confused with DIVX which is a DVD rental system used by Circuit City, a U.S. based retailer.