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User-friendly WMA Converter

WMA audio files are widely used by Windows users. This audio compression format was developed by Microsoft as an alternative for AAC and MP3. Nevertheless, using WMA can be problematic, as it is not supported by some portative devices and players. To make your WMA collection suitable for all your playback gadgets, you may use WMA converter that allows transforming WMA files into required formats.

Factory Audio Converter is all-in-one application for WMA audio files. You can transform WMA into any of audio formats (MP3, AAC, WAV, OGG, etc.) or convert any format to WMA. This allows making audio files suitable for any device or application, including audio editors or players. Sometimes users touch with trivial problems when using WMA audio compositions. For example, you want to create CD disks to play them on auto stereo system or elsewhere, but the player doesn't support WMA. In this case you can transform the files into WAV format with the help of in-built WAV converter. If you want to make your WMA collection suitable for MP3 player, then convert WMA tracks into MP3, using the same program.

Factory Audio Converter guarantees no problems when working with various audio formats. This WMA converter allows to avoid large size files when transferring between different audio formats. Besides this, the conversion process is fully adjustable - you can select the required bitrate, channels (stereo/mono), samplerate and file destination. When selecting several files at the same time, you can perform conversion in batches. You can convert several files into one track, using the “Combine album” option in the wizard menu. And all these features are combined in the easy-to-use interface that makes the program suitable for any user with any computer skills.

The audio format incompatibility is not a problem anymore when having Factory Audio Converter. Buy it now and forget about any restrictions in music conversion - create tracks in the format you need within a few seconds, transform the whole albums or WMA tracks collection easily and fast!