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Registration Questions

Find the answers about registration of Factory Audio Converter in this section.

How to enter the key into Factory Audio Converter

After the purchase you must have received an email with the registration key. That looks like that:

Thank you for registering FactoryAudioConverter.
Your registration key is

All you have to do is to copy and paste all those symbols into the program. Launch Factory Audio Converter, select Help - Enter Registration Key and paste the key.

Close Factory Audio Converter and then open it again so that the registration came live. That's it!

How do I know my copy is registered?

Launch Factory Audio Converter. Select Help - About in the upper menu. If the poup window shows your name and email - your copy is registered.

I enter the key, but it keeps telling me to buy it!

Please, contact us and we will send you a new registration key.

You sent me the new key as a download. What to do with it?

Please, click the link. Select Open in this window:

Then Registry Editor will ask you to confirm that you want this file:

Press Yes and the reg info will be entered into your registry. The final message will tell you about the success:

Launch Factory Audio Converter and convert your audios!