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Video Format Description

IVF is the filename extension for Indeo Video Format. Indeo files are video files encoded using the Indeo video codec, developed by Intel, but now owned by Ligos Corporation.

When Indeo was introduced by Intel in 1992, it was one of the first codecs that allowed full-speed playback without the use of hardware acceleration. It was also the only video codec supported by both Microsoft Video for Windows and Apple QuickTime as well as other software environments like IBM. During the 1990s, IVF remained the most popular video format till the MPEG codecs took over in 2000. Today, the Indeo video technology is most frequently used in video game cut-scene videos. This is because IVF is a wavelet-based format that includes such features as hot spot support and chroma-keyed transparency.

IVF files can be opened using Microsoft Windows Media Player on both Mac OS and Windows. Version 5 of Indeo can also be decoded on BeOS R5 and XAnim Player on Unix, besides Window Media Player.