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image converterFactory Image Converter is a great solution to convert images, resize photos, as well as crop, rotate and watermark them - all dne in batch. You can preview each image fill sized right in the program. The interface is neat and requires no special knowledge to operate.

Our grandparents mainly saw pictures in books or newpapers and had a few photographs of themselves. Today we deal with millions of pictures and many of them are digital. We download the images that we like from sites, save them to the hard drives and then email to friends or upload to our blogs. We take thousands of photos with digital cameras. We create hundreds of pictures in PhotoShop or Illustrate. And we convert those images to other formats, resize, rotate them and apply watermarks. Sometimes it's too complicated...

Format Factory guides you through the process. It offers many comprehensive articles describing each image format. What is more important Format Factory has step-by-step tutorials on most common operations, like how to convert to JPEG, how to reduce size of a photo or how to share photos on-line. Below is the list of the articles:

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Image Formats Of Digital Cameras: RAW and JPEG




How to Convert JPEG to BMP In Batch


Apply Watermarks To Photos


Convert TIFF to JPEG In Batch


What Is Batch TIFF Converter


TIFF Converter


Why Shall I use Image Converter?


Convert PCD to JPEG


PCD Converter


Convert RAW to JPEG In Batch


What Is Batch RAW Converter


Digital Cameras Guide For Beginners


Convert CRW to JPEG In Batch


What Is Batch CRW Converter


Convert PNG to JPEG In Batch


PNG Converter


Convert BMP to JPEG In Batch


BMP Converter


Convert PSD to JPEG In Batch


What Is Batch PSD Converter


PDD Converter


Convert PXM to JPEG


PXM Converter


Convert TGA to JPEG


TGA Converter


Convert ICO to JPEG


What Is Batch ICO Converter


What You Need to Convert ORF to JPEG


ORF Converter


Software You Need to Convert WMF to JPEG


EMF Converter


WMF Converter


Convert GIF To JPEG


GIF Converter


Convert JPEG2000 To JPEG


JPEG2000 Converter


NEF Converter


Convert NEF to JPEG


Convert MRW to JPEG


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