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What is M1V?

Video Format Description

M1V is a file extension for an MPEG-1 video stream. (MPEG-1 is the most compatible format of the MPEG family - Moving Picture Experts Group with low resolution and low bit rate). Put simply, M1V is an MPG file with no sound.

The M1V video file allows for progressive video coding at the transmission rate of 1.5 million bps (bits per second). It provides a video resolution of 352x240 at 30 fps (frames per second).

Files with M1V extension will play back an MPEG-1 file, but will have only video information. It will have no sound at all. After sound has been added, the file gets the extension of MPG or MPEG. M1V files are specifically designed for use with VCDs and CD-i media.

Programs that open an M1V file are Microsoft Windows Media Player (versions 7 and up) and Apple QuickTime Player on Windows; and Apple QuickTime Player on Mac OS.