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mat4 converterFactory Audio Converter is an excellent MAT4 converter, which supports more than 30 audio formats and converts in less than no time. If you have come across an audio file, which your player cannot decode, such as MAT4, the converter will fix it in seconds.

What is MAT4 is a kind of binary data container format. It is used by MATLAB and therefore is not recognized by standard audio players. It will take moments for Factory Audio Converter to convert MAT4 file to MP3, WMA, WAV, MPC, OGG, etc. This converter has an intuitive user interface, so you will not have any difficulties even if this is your first experience with it.


Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

Convert MAT4 Files Easily!

Factory Audio Converter is second to none. You can set it to convert a large number of MAT4 files and save your entire music collection on your PC or any other device.

It takes but a few simple actions to convert MAT4 to MP3 or any other format supported. Launch the utility and select the folder with MAT4 files contained in it. Check one or several files manually or use the Check All button to check-mark all the files and batch-convert. Select your preferred output format. The program wizard will guide you through the procedure. It will offer you different bit rates, sample rates and channels. Thus you can achieve appropriate sound quality. If you are not familiar with these parameters yet, skip it and use the default settings. Use the built-in player to check the output quality. Click Start to convert.

Factory Audio Converter integrates into Windows, so you can convert MAT4 files right from the desktop. Command line support is available to registered users only. This tool is available online. You can download the free trial version and use it for 30 days. When the trial period expires, you are going to have to buy the key. Our pricing is clear and concise. Registered users will receive free tech support and upgrades.

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