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MOV, also called QuickTime, is a multimedia container file format created by Apple Inc. A MOV file, with file extension ‘.mov’, can contain video, graphics, animation, 3D and VR (virtual reality) content, or text (for example for subtitles).

A QuickTime (.mov) file consists of several tracks, each containing data of one of the following – video, audio, effects, subtitles, and so on. These tracks are set in an hierarchal structure consisting of objects called atoms. These atoms either contain media data or edit data. This particular structure of separate atoms for containing and editing data, makes QuickTime an ideal format for editing.

MOV stores video and audio files in Apple’s own proprietary compression technology. Depending on the compression used, MOV can provide very high quality video clips. The only thing is that the better the quality the larger the file. Its file format is also one of the most popular formats in many websites for audio and video streaming. This is because streaming of MOV files across the internet is easy and fast, and can be viewed before the entire file has been downloaded. Another important characteristic is that it can be placed both on an internet streaming server, as well as on local storages such as hard disk or CD ROM.

QuickTime, or a MOV file, is the default file format for QuickTime player application, and is widely used for iTunes. It has also emerged as the Safari platform for mobile devices. Many PC encyclopedic software applications are also now using QuickTime and its default MOV file support to play multimedia files.

MOV is compatible with both Macintosh and Windows. It can be played on both Mac OS and Windows using Apple QuickTime Player.