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What is MPC?

Audio Format Description

MPC is the file extension for Musepack, a lossy audio compression format. It was created by Andree Buschmann in 1998 as he was not satisfied with the audio quality of MP3. MPC is currently maintained by Frank Klemm and MDT, or the Musepack Development Team.

Musepack was originally based on the psycho-acoustic MPEG-1 Layer-2 / MP2 algorithm, but has since added several new features. These features include sub-band selectable M/S encoding, noise substitution techniques, and Huffman encoding. As opposed to other audio codecs which focus on low bit rates, Musepack is optimized for high bitrates. It has a variable bit rate of between 3 and 1300 kbit/s. This makes it ideal for both low and high bit rates, and is supposed to be best at medium bit rates (128-192 kbit/s). The high quality of MPC at mid-high bit rates is due to the fact that despite being a lossy format, it is built in such a way that it is impossible to hear the loss of the wave archive in the compressed file.

Other advantages of the MPC file format are: it is an open source patent-less compression scheme, it is a very fast codec, it has less pre-echo than other comparative format, and is designed to be best at ‘—standard’ setting. The only disadvantages of MPC are that it is not streamable, and it has no multi-channel. But these problems can be solved with SV 8.

Musepack files can be played back on all devices for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux; as well as devices with software that are supported by Rockbox. They can also be played back on portable devices like Pocket PCs, Palm OS and Symbian OS based mobile devices, and Smart Phones. Playback on third party media players is also possible with plugins.


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