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What is NSV?

Video Format Description

NSV, or Nullsoft Streaming Video, is a media container format. Developed by Nullsoft in 2002-3, the video format was especially designed to encapsulate both audio and video for easy streaming.

The main features of NSV are: it supports any combination of audio and video; since itís a bitstream format, it does not require a whole file for play back ; accurate synchronization can be achieved at any point in the stream; and it supports auxiliary data chunks for sending multiple audio tracks, subtitles, etc. NSV can support any audio or video compression scheme.

The NSV file has a simple structure. It consists of a header (containing information such as file length, a table of contents, and other general metadata), and the bitstream (consisting of a sequence of NSV frames).

NSV files, with the extension of Ď.nsví, are mainly used for streaming video clips over the internet. The audio and the video data of the file should be approximately one frameís worth of data, and either of the two data of the video clip may be sent ahead of the other, as need be.

The media players that support NSV video clips are Winamp, Xine, VLC, or RealPlayer. To make NSV files compatible with other players convert them with Factory Movie Converter.