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What is OFR?

Audio Format Description

OFR is the file extension for the OptimFrog audio format. OptimFrog is a lossless algorithm designed to compress audio data at very high compression ratios. This highly specialized free proprietary codec has a compression scheme similar to ZIP.

OptimFrog can compress slow classical music to up to 25%, and loud rock music to up to 70% of the original audio file size. Although this is less than the 13% of the MP3 format, the audio quality is much better, and OptimFrog’s bit identical restoration allows archiving and listening to music to be as perfect as the original. The coding and decoding is also very fast. At default mode, CD quality audio is encoded at 12.4x real time and decoded at 17.4x real time on AMD Athlon XP 1800+. OFR’s fastest mode encodes at 28.1x real time and decodes at 24.7x real time.

Other features of OptimFrog include: complete pipe and raw file support for coding and decoding; optimizing option; tagging compatibility; multiple file processing on the same command line; options to store MD5 of raw PCM input data, delete source file after successful operation, and copy source file time stamp to destination file; bit stream error resilience; transparent real time recovery; and ID3v1, ID3v2, and APEv2 tagging support and compatibility.

OptimFrog has lots of advatntages. Though it's more convenient to convert ofr files to more popular mp3 or wav. Not many palyers and devices support OFR.


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  • Very flexible - change all settings as you like
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