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OGG vs. MP3

Hot to get better quality at smaller size

First, let's see what is OGG. It is in fact a container that can have both audio and video though normally OGG comes with audio codecs inside. They can be: a. Lossy Speex for speach, b. Lossy Vorbis for audio (16500 kbps), c.lossless FLAC for high quality audio. Often when people speak about OGG they mean OGG Vorbis and I am one of them.

MP3 is MPEG Audio Layer-3 well known for its high compression rates (up to 1/10 of the original) and considerably good quality. MP3 is very wide-spread and is supported by most of audio devices from car player to iPods. So why would you need OGG?

Both MP3 and OGG are good to compressing audio. This is an example of converting 1.1Mb track to MP3 and OGG:

BitrateResulting MP3Resulting OGG
320 Kbps260.2 Kb259.4 Kb
256 Kbps208.2 Kb201.9 Kb
192 Kbps156.1 Kb149.5 Kb
128 Kbps104.1 Kb101.2 Kb
96 Kbps78.1 Kb78.4 Kb
64 Kbps52.0 Kb54.6 Kb

So if you want to get an audio file 5 times smaller in size than on your CD convert it to MP3 or OGG at 256 kbps. Using less than 128 kbps is not recomended as the quality will be so low that you won't enjoy listening to it at all.

Many listening tests prove that OGG produces better results than MP3. In other words, an OGG file of the same size will have higher quality that most people can distinguish. OGG was developed later than MP3. Psychoacoustics compression scheme used in OGG is better than in MP3. MP3 is limited to 320 kbps while OGG allows 400 kbps. OGG is under GPL license which means that it can be freely used by anyone in any purpose. That leads to the growing number of companies use OGG in their solutions not to pay money for using MP3. So more and more devices support OGG.

It's up to you to decide what format to use. Try both and make you own choice. And we can help you convert any file to OGG or MP3:)


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