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Audio Formats - grasp the idea of each

We can't imagine our lives without music today. It accompanies us at home, in the office, at school or college. It is in our music systems, car players, cell phones, TV boxes, in shops and parks. Different audio formats make music most compatible with different devices - you won't upload a 3 Mb RA track to your iPod:)

Looking at all those dozens of different formats is a shock to any average user. We created a simple way to tell you about each audio format, it's advantages and disadvantages and also cases when it should be used. So that you could make the best choice.

Click any format in the upper menu and find most useful info about it. Below are comprehensive articles comparing those audio formats that are similar. Step-by-step tutorials on your left will show you how to convert your audio files or rip CD.

Audio formats are often divided into three groups:

User-friendly Audio Converter

No matter what format you choose you are on the safe side with Factory Audio Converter. It will convert any audio file to another format in 3 simple steps. It is truly easy-to-use, requires no skills and does the job perfectly. It is not a pain to convert audio even for those who are not computer-literate. The interface is clear and easy-to-follow. You will be able to convert any track in minutes!

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