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Back Up Your Precious Music Collection

CD collections are a must have for every music fan. But they can get scratched or lost or even broken by a child or a pet. There are ways to backup them to be on the safe side.

You can duplicate your CD. Rip it and convert to any lossless format (FLAC or APE). This is advantageous as now you have a searchable music collection. Any music organizer will help you to search tracks by author, title, album, year or genre. The info is taken from audio tags each track usually has. That's why WAV is not so good - it does not support audio tags. Converting to WAV you will get a good copy of your CD as a list of tracks but can not search them by author or year or album.

If you care about free space on your hard drive or are going to listen the tracks on your iPod then MP3 is your choice. MP3 will make your files much smaller still retaining good quality. Speaking about quality MP3 is not so bad as many "professionals" like to say. Most average people will not distinguish an MP3 song at high bitrates from a WAV copy using small earphones of portable players. MP3 also support audio tags so you can view all the info about each track with special software like tag viewers and editors.

It's up to you to decide, anyway it's very safe. If you ripped CD to MP3 and then wanted to have APE - rip CD again and select APE as the target format. Later you can convert APE file to MP3 to reduce size. So having a good audio converter with a built-in ripper gives you freedom of choice.

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