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CDA to MP3: how?

Step-by-step tutorial

When you need to convert CDA files to MP3 that normally means ripping a physical CD. CDA files cannot be copied to the hard drive like other data, they contain no actual music and won't be played. A special tool called ripper will do the job. Factory Audio Converter has built-in ripper to convert CDA to MP3 (as well as to other formats).

1. Launch Factory Audio Converter and insert your CD into the CD-ROM. Select Rip CD option.


2. Set Destination folder. You can choose the existing one or create a new one. To create a new folder type in your folder name into the field. 3. Then Go to the Track List. By default you will se smth like that:

But track01 is not a good name, is it? So press Find Track Names button and Factory Audio Converter will find the names and the album in FreeDB. So you get a nice list of songs with proper names. Check those tracks you want to rip (or all of them to rip the entire disc).


4. Go to Convert To step. Here you select the output format, MP3 in our case. As you see Factory Audio Converter can also rip CD to WAV, AAC, WMA, OGG, MPC, APE, and FLAC.


5. Next step is Combine. It lets you combine all tracks from the album into one file. If you want that check Combine checkbox.


6. Samplerate step allows you to select samplerate of your output tracks. 32000Hz is normally enough but if you are not limited in space select higher settings.


7. Then select Channels. Stereo is good enough unless you are one ear deaf or need an extremely small in size audio.


8. Set Bitrate at the next step. The higher bitrate you set the better quality you get, but the size of the track will grow as well. So 192 kbps is a good compromise between size and quality (learn how to change bitrate)


9. The last step summarizes your settings. If you changed your mind you can step back and select other samplerate or bitrate or destination. If you are satisfied, press Start button.


In few minutes find the output MP3 files in your destination folder. Probably those 8 steps look huge but you can miss most of them and jump to the final step right after you set the destination and target format. Factory Audio Converter will set most appropriate settings itself for you:)


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