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Convert APE to MP3

convert ape mp3Factory Converter is a versatile and powerful MP3 converter that converts from various audio formats to mp3, including, but not limited to APE, WAV, FLAC, MPC, WMA, etc. Because MP3 is a high compatibility format, no other format can match it in popularity. This utility permits you to make all sorts of audio compatible with your MP3 player. By aid of this audio converter, you can put your audio tracks on iPhone, iPod, iTunes and many other portable players. You can easily get your tracks on your car player.

Factory Audio Converter features a built-in CD ripper. You can save your CD files in MP3 with ease and get them on your portable players. With the help of the built-in audio player, you can listen to your input and output files and estimate sound quality. You can also cut a small piece out of a large APE file and save it in MP3. Batch mode permits you to convert scores of files to MP3 in one go.

This brilliant audio converter has an intuitive user interface and therefore it is easy to use for even a beginner. The handy wizard will guide you through the entire conversion process.

How to Convert APE to MP3?

Converting APE to MP3 is quick and easy. It takes but a few simple steps. Select the folder with APE tracks in the folder tree. Check the files you need to convert to MP3. You can select a few files or click Check all to get all the files contained in the folder converted. Select MP3 as a target format.

The automatic wizard will help you adjust bitrates, sample rates and channels. If you know how these parameters affect sound quality, you can make your own adjustments. If you are a first time user, leave the default settings. It takes a little bit of experience to regulate sound quality. When you have made your settings, click Start.

Factory Audio Converter is available online. You can either buy the key right now or use the trial version that is valid for 30 days. Registered users will receive regular upgrades and tech support for free.

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