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How To Convert WAV Files?

convert wavWAV audio files were and still are very popular, especially among Windows users, as this format was developed by Microsoft. It provides with lossless sound quality and flexible compatibility with lots of applications, CD players and stereo systems. Among other audio formats WAV is the cleanest in terms of sounding, but it has several weighty shortcomings.

The first is the file size. A four minutes WAV track is about 36 MB in size. It is not convenient for portable players that have limited memory capacity. If you want to listen to your favorite music from CDs or Windows collection with the help of MP3 player, you need to convert WAV files into MP3. Of course MP3 format is less clean due to big compression (mostly at the expense of high frequencies), but it allows to store five times more audio tracks than WAV within the same memory space. An average listener is not able to catch the difference, especially if to use the highest-quality MP3 (320 kbit/s).

Converting WAV to MP3 will solve the problem of tracks compatibility with some portable music players that donít support WAV. To do this you need a WAV converter that is able to perform conversion to MP3 or other music format you need.

The most important thing when choosing WAV converter is its functionality and handy interface. It is necessary for such converters to support a range of different bitrate and samplerate values, so that you could gain the best quality for your purposes. Factory Audio Converter provides all these features combined with easy and fast operation and comfortable interface. Factory Audio Converter supports all of audio formats used nowadays, and you can perform conversion from one to another format within a few clicks. Converting to WAV you can record WAV copies directly on CD disk without any additional software.

Factory Audio Converter is definitely the most useful and convenient audio converter on the market, and this fact was approved by thousands of users that have purchased this product for both home and commercial needs. Try it in trial (30 days free used) or buy a full licensed version online.

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