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emf converter EMF is an extension for Windows Metafile images, a vector graphic file type widely used in Windows OS. Storing graphics in EMF is not convenient for processing them in photo editors, using for sharing online or viewing in non-Windows OS. However, you can always export EMF files to more suitable format using EMF converter, a utility specially designed for transferring graphics from one format to another. Factory Image Converter supports EMF format and offers converting it to a range of file types, including:

  • EMF to JPEG
  • EMF to TIFF
  • EMF to ICO
  • EMF to GIF
  • EMF to PNG
  • EMF to BMP

When you run this image converter, you get ability to convert any number of files at a time. It is as easy to convert hundreds of files as one. The program features handy interface suitable for any kind of users. It is laconic and clear, with all conversion steps numerated in the right order. The navigation list where you choose sources, has two modes: thumbnails and list. You can sort images by mask, select all images in the folder automatically or checkmark each one manually. In order to convert EMF in batch, just checkmark all required images and set target format.

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If you need to find out sources details, like dimensions, type, etc., you can view it at the bottom interface section called ‘Current image information’. It is useful for savvy users who convert images for professional needs and need to know specific graphic parameters.

After target format is chosen, EMF batch converter will offer you to make manual settings. Here you can define location for converted files, set new dimensions, rotate angle, crop parameters. Some formats allow compression and choosing specific colour scheme, paper format, etc. Set any parameters you need or let the program convert files with settings by default.

Factory Image Converter is available for you here. You can either use free trial version or download a licensed

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