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How To Convert Audio Files With Factory Audio Converter

Is there any possibility to save the changes of the settings I made? I mean, when I change f.e. the bitrate to VBR, the next time the software starts it is changed back to the default value.

Factory Audio Converter automatically remembers the settings you make. Next time they will be your default settings. Note that "9" is the better quality that can be choosen in the VBR-settings.

Is there any possibility to set the output-folder automatically same as the input-folder?

Sure. By default the output folder is the source folder. If you change it to some other folder (i.e. select some folder from the file tree) you may go back to the original path pressing the dot button.

convert destination

Is it possible to start the software from the explorer context menu?

You can convert tracks from your desktop or Explorer. Select the file and make a right button mouse click on it. Select Convert To option in the popup menu. Then choose the target format.

convert from explorer

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