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What is IT?

Audio Format Description

IT is the proprietary module file type used by Impulse Tracker, hence the file extension Ď.ití. Its features are more advanced than those of MOD or XM. ITís most important feature which sets it apart is NNA, or New Note Actions. NNAs allow the user to customize subsequent actions on receiving commands from the same channel as the one playing. Other features include direct control over 64 channels, variable pattern lengths, superior panning and pitch envelopes, sustain loops for samples, and global volumes for channels and samples. IT files can be converted to other audio formats with audio converters, i.e. Factory Audio Converter.

User-friendly IT Converter

  • IT to WAV in batch
  • IT to MP3 in batch
  • IT to AAC in batch
  • Very flexible - change all settings as you like
  • Great easy-to-use interface
Windows ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
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