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MOD is the original module file format and uses the file extension ‘.mod’. Mainly used by Noise Tracker, Sound Tracker, and Pro Tracker, this file type is usually identified with Amiga trackers. As the most widely supported format, it is the only module file type that can be played on both the PC and Amiga. It contains 4 audio channels of simultaneous audio playback of 8-bit sound.

Module Music format is the name given to the group of digital music file types produced by trackers. Trackers are a variety of software applications that allow the user to arrange sound samples (small digital sound files) across tracks, or channels (spaces where samples are played back).

Music module files are very small files and are self-contained in the sense that they contain sound data, note pattern data, note data, and very often messages for the listener. In other words, they contain all the information that says how the song is to be played back.

The structure of a module file is much like a spreadsheet. It contains patterns, which have instrument numbers, note numbers, as well as controller messages (in simpler words, groups of simultaneously played tracks representing sections of songs). The number of patterns indicate how and when to play the samples.

There are many different types of module formats. The most common ones are:

The functions of these music module file formats include: use by composers in the music production phase; in the exchange of music data; for archiving music; and for end-user delivery.

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