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Factory Audio Converter converts OGG to MP3 and MP3 to OGG with ease. The best solution for gamers.

OGG Converter For Gamers

Games are facinating part of our life. The first interactive game called Tennis for Two was introduced in 1958 (an oscilloscope was a display).

Eventually video games became more and more exciting with better graphic and versatile options. Video games create another reality and you may set it as you like: choose your hero, your scene, your devices etc. The simulation is very realistic and the feature of allowing one's own favorite tunes to play while driving down a highway makes the simulation even more real. But many gamers mute games to listen to their favourite CD or radio. They are unaware of the option of importing your own music into the game to replace existing soundtracks.

Yes, many video games today allow to import music you like. But often your music should be in OGG format. So if you have a track on CD you can not import it.. unless you rip CD and convert audio to OGG. Factory Audio Converter acts well both as a CD ripper and OGG converter. Insert CD and select OGG as output format. The wizard of the program will advise you about all the settings (a brilliant gamer may become confused with bitrates, samplerates, etc.). In few minutes you get OGG files ready to be imported into your game.

If you favourite track is on your hard drive in MP3, FLAC, AAC, MP4 or any other format Factory Audio Converter will help you too. Select the audio files and press Convert to OGG. That's it. No matter what file type you have Factory Audio Converter will make an OGG for you.

Our users say:

Hello. Thank you for the email! The program is performing perfectly and is working to my expectations. I have to say that the program is the only one I found that seems to be able to actually write the converted audio to the HDD. Others I have tried converts but then does not actuall write the converted file! Strange to say the least. This is why when I tried your program and it actually wrote the file to the hard drive, I decided right then and there to purchase it since it actually worked! :)

I primarily use Factory Audio Converter to convert audio files over to the .ogg format for a couple of games I run. These games allow music importing in .ogg format, sort of building your own little jukebox or radio for the game. Later I plan to use the program to convert a bunch of wma files over to the .ogg format as well.

Here is the real neat thing about your converter and working with the music files for importing into the games. Your program not only will convert the file over to a different format, it converts to just about every format that is used in games. It is almost like this program was thought up by an avid pc gammer looking for an easy way to import their own music!

The program has all the features I expected, from the various file formats, both reading and writing, to the adjustments and preferences for each codec. It is simply the best I have ever used!! And I am very happy with my purchase! Thank you again! :)


Note that Factory Audio Converter is not only a good OGG converter but also MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC converter.

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