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What is PXM?

Image Format Description

PXM is the file extension for Pixel Magician Graphic, a collective name for the portable graphic formats PPM (Portable PixMap), PGM (Portable GrayMap), and PMB (Portable BitMap).

PPM, PGM, and PMB are file formats for exchanging graphics files. They all have two versions each PBM: P1 and P4, 1 bit per pixel; PGM: P2 and P5, 8 bits per pixel; and PPM: P3 and P6, 24 bits per pixel (8 for red, 8 for green, and 8 for blue). The lower numbered versions in each case (P1, P2, and P3) are human readable ASCII based formats, and the higher numbered versions (P4, P5, and P6) are non-human readable binary formats. The latter versions of the three formats are easier to parse as there is no white space in them.

All the three formats - PPM, PGM, and PMB are intermediary least common denominator. They can be converted to other formats with Factory Image Converter application.

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