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Factory Audio Converter will convert stereo to mono for you in 3 simple steps.

Convert Stereo To Mono

Modern audio devices usually use stereo sound reproduction. Stereo means that there are two independent channels: some part of music is played on right side and the other is played on the left side. It results in a ear-friendly natural impression of sound heard from different directions. Mono sound means one centered channel. As stereo sound provides a more natural listening experience it has become far more popular than mono sound.

Anyway, there are certain cases when mono sound is preferable. For example, voice recorders do not need stereo effects. Besides, mono file is twice smaller than stereo. So if you have to fit more sound into limited space you'd better use mono.

People who are deaf in one ear also like mono sound. It's frustrating to listen to music on headphones and only hear half of it! As most of music today is in stereo they have to convert it to mono to have both sides of the headphone do play the same thing.

There are several stereo to mono converters available in the market. But some of them do fake job. They convert just one channel and you get the same thing played in both earphones but it's just what would normally play on the left side.

Factory Audio Converter converts both channels and you hear the real music not part of it. Besides, it is very easy-to-use and those who are not computer-savvy will convert audio files to mono in few clicks. Download you free evaluation copy now and try to convert your stereo files to mono!

Our users say:

I am using FactoryAudioConverter to convert all the music on my laptop to mono. I'll keep the stereo version, for when I play music through the speakers - but it's a joy to be able to use headphones and hear the real music. I'm delighted with FactoryAudioConverter.

Note that Factory Audio Converter supports a lot of audio formats (WAV, WMA, MP3, OGG, FLAC, AAC, TTA, APE, etc.) and is extremely easy-to-use.

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