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How to Convert WAV to AAC

convert wav to aacAre you dreaming about a time when there will be an all-in-one audio converter, not picky about input or output formats and apt to do the job in less than no time? Here is something you are not going to believe in right now. The time has come! So has the converter!

Factory audio converter supports more than 30 audio formats. In other words, you can load files of any popular format and set the tool to convert it to AAC, OGG, WAV, WMA, MP4, APE, FLAC, MP3, MPC. The program features an intuitive user interface, batch function and command line support.

Other advanced elements incorporated in the wav converter include built in audio player and automatic wizard. By aid of the player, you can listen to your files before and after conversion and make sure you are satisfied with the quality.

Converting WAV to AAC

If you are not experienced, please, donít worry. It does not take expertise to use Factory Audio Converter. The interface is laid out in such a way that you know your every following action. All buttons, options and menus are readily observable on the screen. You can simply foresee your steps.

In order to convert WAV to AAC, you should run the program and select the folder with your WAV collection in the folder tree. A list of WAV files contained in it will be shown on the screen. Check the files you need to convert. If you would like to render all the files in AAC, use Check all button. All the files will be check-marked automatically. Then select AAC from the toolbar above or from the format menu.

By aid of the wizard, you can make your settings. You can select channels, bitrate, sample rate, destination folder, etc. Factory Audio Converter has an option that permits you to cut a big track into several smaller ones. The built-in audio player will help you evaluate tone quality.

Factory Audio Converter has command line support permitting you to manage files from within other utilities. You can also convert WAV to MP3 from the desktop using the right-button popup menu.

You can buy the program online right now or download the trial version for free. Registered users receive free tech support and upgrades. The trial version is valid for 30 days.

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