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wav converter If your WAV files are too large in size, and would like to reduce their size, you can convert them to another, more space-saving file type. You will need WAV converter that allows to export tracks to more compact formats like MP3, AAC or WMA that on the same value of samplerate and bitrate provide a few times less file zize. WAV conversion also helps when this format is not supported by your devices or applications.

The solution that may help you is Factory Audio Converter. It can convert WAV in batch, i.e. process many files in one conversion. It supports all popular music formats. That is why with the help of this program you can make your music collection suitable for any player. Additionally it allows ripping CD disks.

Factory Audio Converter can convert WAV to other music formats, including:

  • WAV to MP3
  • WAV to AAC
  • WAV to MP4
  • WAV to WMA
  • WAV to MPC
  • WAV to OGG

If you do not want to change the format, but just change audio parameters of WAV tracks, you can choose convert to WAV option and do necessary changes in settings menu. In such a way you can use this audio converter for compressing WAV tracks in size or extract specific track fragment to separate file. Factory Audio Converter has a range of advantages for WAV conversion:

  1. It is easy in use.
  2. It supports all music formats popular today. You can convert your WAV files to any file type you need.
  3. It converts files very efficiently a few seconds required to convert one audio file.
  4. It supports batch conversion for processing many files in one command.
  5. It is shareware: free trial period gives ability to try the program for free.

Download Factory Audio Converter to try it on your WAV files. It is the worthiest choice for audio conversion needs.

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