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My Format Factory
"The only thing that I can think of that would be a nice to have would be the ability to edit tags in the program as well. Other than that...the program is really great. I especially like the fact that it doesn't trim down tag names when copying them over and also that it converts to joint stereo."
Chung Mai

WAV to MP3

WAVtoMP3 WAV is lossless audio format. It's good for those who do not want to lose any bit of info. And what is more important for those who can distinguish WAV lossless from lossy files. WAV files are usually too large and many people decide to sacrifice quality to size. So they convert WAV to MP3 to get files of smaller size but still of comparatively good quality.

Factory Audio Converter converts WAV files to MP3 preserving best quality possible. It allows you to make all the settings to achieve best results. Newbies will appreciate tips and hints of the wizard.

How to convert WAV to MP3: step-by-step instruction

It's an easy thing with Factory Audio Converter. Launch it and select the folder with your WAV files in the file tree (My Music in our case). Then check the song or songs you want to convert to MP3 in the main panel (in blue). And press MP3 button in the formats panel. Very simple:)

WAV-MP3 main

Then Factory Audio Converter will ask you to make all the settings necessary for the conversion. The first one is destination. By default it will use the same folder but change the extension from .wav to .mp3. You may set any other folder or manually type in the new file name of the output file.

WAV-MP3 destination

Most people do not have an idea of bitrates, samplerates, channels and all that stuff. Factory Audio Converter will set all those settings automatically and you can jump to the last step to press Start button. Those who want particular bitrate or sample rate may go to each step and set the desirable values. So Factory Audio Converter is good both for beginners and for advanced users.


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Wit of the day

If you remove tone from music, you have something, but what? I find it difficult to call it music.
Tamas Vasary