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wma converter WMA conversion is a usual need for those, whose software doesn’t support this format. It is a licensed audio ‘lossy’ compression format developed by Microsoft. The most of portable players support WMA format, the problems may occur when trying to play WMA tracks on non-Windows computers and smartphones. With the aid of WMA converter you can always switch your audio collection to other, more suitable format. Lack of format compatibility is not a reason to refuse from playing favourite music anywhere you want.

You will need a solution that can convert WMA files to MP3 or AAC. The choice of format for conversion depends on the device or program you would like to use for audio playback. It is convenient when having all-in-one audio converter that supports various formats for all possible devices and applications. One of such solutions is Factory Audio Converter.

It is a software utility that easily manages with exporting audio tracks from WMA to other audio formats. Its advantages are:

  1. Wide choice of available formats for conversion (MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, OGG, etc.)
  2. Ability to convert WMA in batch (series of files can be converted by one mouse click)
  3. Intuitive GUI: everything is on hand, step-by-step conversion
  4. Integrated audio player: listen to the music when converting tracks, check the results of conversion directly in the program
  5. Adjustable audio parameters: you can choose any bitrate and samplerate you need, set specific sound channels and compression quality.

WMA provides very efficient compression, and that is why it is very popular format for storing music online. You can convert WMA to other formats with minimal quality loss and increase of file size, if use Factory Audio Converter. The range of available conversion modes will satisfy any of your needs. Try it now, it is available for downloading!

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