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What is WV?

Audio Format Description

WV, or WavPack, is a free open source audio compression format. Developed by David Bryant, it acts much like a WinZip compressor for audio files offering unmatched performance and functionality.

The WavPack compression scheme can encode and decode 8, 16, 24, and 32- bit float audio files; mono, stereo, and multi-channel surround sound streams; and high frequency sampling rates from 6 to 192 kHz. Compression can be up to 70% depending on the kind of file to compress.

Some of the other features of WavPack are: it is fast and efficient; supports tagging (ID3v1 and APE tags), RIFF chunks, and embedded CUE sheets; is error robust; has MD5 hashes for quick integrity checking; and encodes in both symmetrical and asymmetrical modes.

But WavPack’s unique feature is its incorporation of a hybrid compression mode. In this mode, WavPack, instead of creating a single file, creates two files – a small high quality lossy file that can be used by itself (.wv); and another file (.wvc, called a “correction” file), that when combined with the lossy file, provides full lossless restoration. This allows users to take advantage of both a lossy and a lossless codec, without having to choose between the two.

A WavPack file is made up of blocks - each beginning with 'wvpk' and containing some sound data information, such as sampling rate, channels, bits per sample, and so on – and metadata containing different coefficients used for restoring samples, correction bit stream, and the actual compressed samples.

WavPack is supported by a wide range software including Windows Media Player. To convert WV files to other formats please use Factory Audio Converter. WavPack can also be used on the Linux and Mac platforms with Aqualung, Audacious Media Player, EasyTAG, and Cog Audio Player.

Certain hardwares also support WavPack. Among them are iRiver H10/H1xx/H3xx Jukeboxes, Apple iPod, Toshiba Gigabeat, and iAudio X5.

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