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image converter BMP format is one of the oldest raster graphic formats. It was widely popular in 90ís but currently more and more users prefer to convert BMP images to more compact and efficient formats like JPEG, PNG and others. Exporting images from one format to another is made with the help of image converter that supports formats you require. It is better when one utility is suitable for converting BMP files to many other graphic types, so you will be able to use it for various conversions.

In this sense Factory Image Converter is one of the best programs for processing graphic files. It supports the following formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, TGA, PXM.

With a few clicks you can convert BMP files to any of these formats using Factory Image Converter. It is very easy to convert images using it, all you will need to do is select source files and set proper conversion parameters using handy wizard. These parameters may vary depending on the target format you choose. Usually it is page size, orientation, compression mode, color palette, etc.

If you would like to process many files, Factory Image Converter will be extremely useful. It allows to convert BMP in batch, that means you will spend a minute for making all your files converted in the right format. If all sources are placed into one folder, just select this folder as a source and perform conversion similarly like for one file. All the files will be converted into the format with settings you need.

If you would like to get easy and quick BMP converter, there is no better variant than Factory Image Converter. It is available in free trial, so you can evaluate its suitability before purchasing the license. Try it right now, downloading trial version from here!

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