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Factory Image Converter is a great JPEG2000 JPEG converter.

Convert JPEG2000 To JPEG

Convert JPEG2000 to JPEG JPEG2000 is much more efficient than JPEG format in terms of compression facilities, image quality, etc. However, it is not supported by all web browsers, that is why JPEG2000 images are not convenient for using as content for websites. You can easily solve the problem of your images compatibility with the help of Factory Image Converter.

This utility allows to convert JPEG2000 to JPEG in batch saving your time on converting many files. You can process all of them in one batch, setting proper parameters of the output format. The following parameters are offered:

  • Transformation (cropping, rotating, resizing);
  • Choosing color space (RGB, CMYK, GRAYLEF, etc.)
  • JPEG quality and smoothing

With the help of this image converter you can convert JPEG2000 images with ease, as the interface is adjusted so that you are guided through conversion process. At the beginning, when selecting source files for conversion, you are provided with file viewer that helps you to select the correct images. After this you need to select required format for conversion. If you convert JPEG2000 to JPEG, press JPEG button on the format bar.

Go to the settings window that automatically pops up after target format is selected. This JPEG2000 converter allows adjusting different image parameters to get required look and feel of new copies. You can experiment with JPEG quality to find the optimal file size that is a crucial parameter for graphic web content.

For more convenience Factory Image Converter features command line support. To manage this image converter from the command line, use command as follows:
FactoryImageConverter.exe <source address> <destination address> <conversion options>.
You can find all required parameters in Help program menu.

Factory Image Converter is multi-purpose converting utility for exporting images into different formats. Converting to JPEG is only one of conversion modes offered in this compact but efficient software tool. Download Factory Image Converter for all possible needs in image conversion!

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