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convert wav mp3Converting WAV to MP3 helps to make music collection more compact in size and make it compatible with those players that have no WAV support. Of course MP3 has comparatively worth sound quality, but it usually not too noticeable for average listener. You can convert WAV tracks into MP3 at the highest bitrate to get the maximum possible quality. Even on this bitrate MP3 track is five times less in size than WAV.

To create MP3 copies from your WAV music collection you will need MP3 converter that supports both these formats. When selecting the converter pay attention into the feature list – it must contain adjustable characteristics that allow you to customize the conversion process by your own needs. One of the best in this aspect is Factory Audio Converter – it offers adjustable conversion, as well as the conversion with default settings.

In order to use Factory Audio Converter as a WAV MP3 converter, you should follow a couple of simple steps. First you need to select the WAV source file (or files) from the ‘Select track’ panel of the program window. Then you need to switch on ‘MP3’ button in the ‘Convert to’ bar. After doing this you will see the options wizard popped up. Here you can use the default set of options by only clicking on ‘Start!’ button. Otherwise you can select specific bitrate, channels and samplerate parameters, set the location for the future MP3 files. If you don’t need to keep WAV tracks after conversion is made, check the ‘Delete originals’ option in the last inlay.

If you selected a few source files, you can combine them into an album record. In this case all WAV files will be converted into a single MP3 track. To do this, just check the ‘Combine album’ option while making settings in options wizard.

Factory Audio Converter has very handy interface and requires minimum skills from user. It is suitable for any purposes, can convert WAV to MP3 in a few clicks. Buy it online now – it is already available!

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