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How To Convert WAV to OGG

WAV to OGG OGG multimedia format is a high-quality alternative to the paid compression formats, totally free of charge. It was developed especially for compressing freeware content and mostly used for compressing music. It provides with excellent sound quality along with efficient compression in size. OGG is widely supported by all of common platforms like Windows, MacOS or Symbian, so it is a great alternative to WAV. WAV files are several times bigger in size and not supported by some players, that is why it is reasonable to convert WAV to OGG with an audio converter to make music compatible with all devices and save the memory space.

Factory Audio Converter is ideally suitable for this purpose. It has an in-built WAV converter that can transform as many files at once as you have. The ability to process dozens of files in one operation can spare lots of time. But the main advantage of Factory Audio Converter is an easy-to-use interface suitable for any user. Due to simple and correct logic of the program the process of conversion becomes very simple and clear to anyone.

To turn WAV into OGG you should select the source files from the file navigation panel. You can select a WAV source file, a group of files, the whole folder or even a few folders at a time and switch on “OGG” in the format bar. In the appeared wizard you may set required options like a number of channels and samplerate, and finish the conversion. You can skip manual adjustment and use the default settings for creating OGG copies of average quality. With the help of Factory Audio Converter you can convert even separate audio fragments of WAV files.

Factory Audio Converter is already available in both licensed and trial version, and you always can test its facilities before making a purchase. To download WAV converter right now, use the links listed below.

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